Saturday, 1 November 2014

Review - short story - Swamp Bones by Kathy Reichs

Swamp Bones: A Temperance Brennan Short Story

(Temperance Brennan #16.5)

by Kathy Reichs

A new, exclusive straight-to-digital Temperance Brennan short story from Kathy Reichs, world leading forensic anthropologist and No.1 bestselling author of Deja Dead, Bones Are Forever and Bones of the Lost.

Forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance Brennan has just arrived in Florida's Everglades for a much-needed break when she is unwittingly thrown into the middle of a deadly case with its roots in the darkest depths of the swamp.

Swamp Bones also gives readers the first chance to read the opening chapters of Kathy’s highly anticipated new Temperance Brennan novel, Bones Never Lie, out in September.


I received a free copy of this short story from and the publisher, Randomhouse UK, Cornerstone and I wish to thank them for this.

I am only a little familiar with Temperance Brennan having read only one of the previous books - funnily enough, it's the one that's mentioned in this story - "the case of a body found in a barrel of asphalt at the Charlotte Motor Speedway" but it was a few years ago and I can't remember what it's called but I must have enjoyed it otherwise I wouldn't have remembered it!

Anyway, this short story will only take a couple of hours to read but it packs a lot in and not only is it entertaining but it's educational too - I learnt a lot about pythons!  The descriptions of the setting made me feel that I was there - my hair even went frizzy!  The characters, not only Temperance herself, but the "extras" were developed just enough to add to the overall interest and made me want to read more.

I enjoyed it.  It was well written, had good pace and tension and a twist ... what more do you want from a story even one that is as short as this.

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