Friday, 18 July 2014

A Short Review of a Short Story

Guilty Conscience

The official blurb:

"Flash Fiction - GUILTY CONSCIENCE TENDS TO GNAW at your insides. You can lock it up in a closet in your brain for a good portion of the day, but eventually, you will go home, you will get into bed and you will finally be able to hear the guilt rattling against the closet’s door, demanding to be let out. And when you let it out, it explodes with millions of questions. What if you hadn’t done that? What if someone saw you do it? What if you talk about it in your sleep?"


A very short story with an interesting premise - too short really to provide much of a review as it was more like a prologue to a longer story but I liked the writing style and pace.  I think it would make for an interesting full length novel where the characters could be explored and developed.  If you have 5 mins to spare, then this is OK but left me wanting more.

I downloaded this for free off Amazon.

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