Friday, 18 July 2014

My Review of Karin Slaughter's Unseen

Unseen (Will Trent, #7)

The official blurb:

"Special Agent Will Trent has something to hide. Something he doesn't want Dr Sara Linton - the woman he loves - to find out.

He's gone undercover in Macon, Georgia and put his life at risk. And he knows Sara will never forgive him if she discovers the truth.

But when a young Macon patrolman is shot and left for dead Sara is forced to confront the past and a woman she hoped never to see again. And without even knowing it, she becomes involved in the same case Will is working on.

Soon both of their lives are in danger."


I haven't read any previous novels with these characters so didn't know any background to them but it didn't seem to matter to me as Karin was adept at shedding light on history but not too much that the story became confusing and bogged down which can happen.

I found it to be an exciting story that, unfortunately, is very plausible in this day and age (wow, I sound like my mum!) and it kept me interested throughout.  The descriptions of places, people, situations, injuries, etc were vivid and, I felt, accurate enough to enable me to develop detailed pictures in my mind as I was reading which made it all the more real.  

Some of my thoughts on the main characters:

Lena - I didn't like her at first but once the character started to develop I found myself on her side and defending her like she was a real person.

Sara - annoying but likeable in a strange way. She came across to me as quite a hard and unforgiving person but I think I warmed to her in the end.

Will - my favourite loved him - a very complex character that I want to know more about. A tough exterior with a very soft centre and a good heart; brave and fearless and someone you would want on your side.

There was one negative that I found and it was that I thought the chapters were way too long - I hate stopping midway through a chapter but if you only have a short amount of time to get a few pages read, you have to with this book which I found quite frustrating.

Overall though, I enjoyed it so much I will be reading more and would definitely recommend to people who love a fast paced crime thriller.

I received this book via the Goodreads website from the Dead Good Crime Book Group for free in return for an honest review.

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