Friday, 1 August 2014

An interesting and absorbing collection of stories from Africa

The Reluctant Dead by Nuzo Onoh

The blurb:

"A scorned wife returns to wreak a terrible vengeance on the husband and mistress that caused her untimely death!

A morgue assistant fails to follow the strange night-time rules of the mortuary and gets himself “a follower”, the restless spirit of a murdered young woman.

The ghost of a young boy returns to his school to complete his classes, tragically cut short by the cruel fists of death.

The Reluctant Dead is a unique collection of six spine-chilling ghost stories from the farthest lands of Africa. Be warned! These stories will leave you glancing over your shoulders for a very long time!"


I would like to thank for sending me a copy in return for an honest review.

A collection of 6 short stories all based in Africa. Each of the stories are easy to read and quite absorbing and introduced a different culture which was a refreshing change and intriguing to read from a different perspective. I personally didn't find them too scary - more interesting to be honest - and unlike other books I have read, didn't have any problems sleeping like a baby after reading before bed. Unfortunately, there were countless incidents of two words being merged into one which resulted in some confusion and a break in the flow of reading - maybe this was due to the formatting, I don't know but it was a little annoying. Having said that though, the author was adept at describing the characters and places and was successful in explaining the beliefs and culture of the various characters without it becoming boring and detracting from the stories.

Overall, an enjoyable read and an author I will look out for in the future.

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