Friday, 15 August 2014

Sounded good but disappointing

The Benjamin Atkins Story:
America's Most Prolific Serial Killer
by Alan Bradley

The blurb:

"Benjamin Atkins was the fastest serial killer in American history, murdering eleven women in nine months and leaving their bodies scattered among the ruins of Detroit. Author Alan Bradley grew up in the neighborhood where Atkins plied his deadly trade and brings a unique perspective to the tale of Atkins, his victims, and the broken landscape they prowled."

I was lucky enough to download this for free from Amazon and, unfortunately, I am quite pleased because I feel I would have been a little disappointed had I paid for it. Having said that, the way the scene was set was well described and definitely enabled me to have a clear vision of what living in that area was like at the time - this may have been it's downfall - too much description about the area and not enough detail about "Tony" himself. I didn't feel the story flowed well and jumped from one thing to another and this made it feel rushed. It would make a better full length book rather than a very short story.

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