Saturday, 20 September 2014

Disappointed by Prime Deception by Carys Jones

"When Lorna Thomas is found dead in her car everyone believes she killed herself. But the day after her death Lorna was set to sell a scandalous story to one of Britain’s biggest tabloid papers. For six months she had been the Deputy Prime Minister’s mistress.

Will Lorna’s secret die with her? While her family try to move on and come to terms with her death one person refuses to believe that Lorna killed herself. Her twin sister, Laurie is convinced that Lorna was murdered and she’ll stop at nothing to prove it, even if that means teaming up the very man her sister had been having an affair with."


I really don’t know what to say about this book to be honest! I thought I was going to be reading a good thriller but instead, it turned out to be an in-depth exploration of grief and guilt with a bit of thriller thrown in.

The story was interesting but could have been so much more than that; I felt there was way too much emphasis on the feelings of the main characters, which got boring quite quickly, and not enough development of the crime/thriller aspect of the story. The first third of the story was good, the second third was boring and the last third was when the tension developed but this was over very quickly.

The characters were interesting and well developed but I found they became annoying quite early. Charles (the Deputy Prime Minister) starts off ok and I did feel sorry for him in the beginning but this soon wears off and he ends up, to me, being creepy and unlikeable - he made me physically cringe at times. His wife, Elaine, was from the Victorian era and in a marriage of convenience over love - I liked her character but not as a person. I’m not a twin but I did empathise with Laurie and her quest to find out the truth about her sister’s death at all costs. John, the reporter, didn’t really get too much of a mention despite him being in the “blurb” of the book. The minor characters were great and I especially liked Faye and Arthur.

In its defence, it was well written and I particularly liked the way the author was able to write a situation from different perspectives in subsequent paragraphs however, there were a few typing errors that interrupted the flow of my reading.

Overall, I was left a little disappointed by this - it had so much promise but just didn’t deliver for me. Would I read something else by this author? Hmmm … not sure … it would have to have a great description to entice me.

I want to thank for providing me with a copy of this book for an unbiased review.

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