Sunday, 14 September 2014

Short story review - Killing Your Boss by James DeSantis

Killing Your Boss by James De Santis

"Have you ever had a terrible day at work? Nothing seems to go right and everybody is out to ruin your entire day? Also, add on the fact that your boss is breathing down your neck to get work done. You ever get the urge to maybe want to...kill someone? That's what Ben gets roped into as his best friend, Ron, forces him to join him on a nightly adventure to kill their boss. What seems like a joke at first quickly escalates and things aren't what they seem. The workers want a little revenge but what if the boss has plans of his own?

Check out a twisted horror filled story about one terrible night that is worse than anyone could have imagined. Death, torture, and more awaits in a short story created by James DeSantis. The end results promise to leave you feeling terrified."


A quick but surprisingly good read.  I'm not sure how believable it is that someone would just decide to kill their boss and the girlfriend and best friend go along with it but if you can't push the boundaries of reality and common sense in a book then when can you?

It was well written with a few errors but nothing that detracted from the reading experience.  It has its fair share of tension, suspense, blood, gore and moments where you wince in pain for the character and all told in a very successful way.  The characters were interesting and I liked the way each chapter was told from their different perspectives, this made it all the more compelling and enjoyable for me.  The ending was great and surprising and I didn't see it coming which I love.

I think this has scope for further books - one of which could focus on Kurt and his life before ending up at the E-mart and one could focus on his daughter.

I would consider reading something else by this author and would recommend but only to people over 18.

I received a copy of this book direct from the author in return for an honest review - this did not influence me in any way.

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