Sunday, 28 December 2014

Suckers: A Horror Novel by Z. Rider - Thoroughly engrossing

Suckers: A Horror Novel

"Mixing recent apocalyptic and zombie stories with classic vampire legends, Rider has come up with a daring and eminently readable new take on both."—Publishers Weekly

When worn-out musicians Dan Ferry and Ray Ford decide to take a shortcut back to the hotel, they pick the wrong dark alley to go down. Attacked by something neither can identify, they think they’re lucky to get out with their lives. But their lives aren’t all they get out with…

As an infection takes hold of Dan, a cramped tour bus becomes a dangerous place to be trapped. And when the infection spreads across the country, nowhere—and no one—is safe from the Suckers.


This is not only a pretty good horror novel but an excellently written story about friendship.

The main players in this book are extremely well developed and their different characters explored well. The story builds from the start and ends up being a thoroughly engrossing read. The characters are believable and act accordingly - they do things in situations that I would see myself doing which makes the book even more enjoyable. The Suckers are great creatures and the way their “birth” was described was a really well done “wow” moment and left me feeling quite nauseous - I love it when that happens!

The only little gripe I have, in what is a great story, is I would have liked a bit more interaction and perilous scenes with the “infected” - this is the only thing I think the book missed out on and would have taken it from a great read to a fantastic one.

Overall, a very enjoyable read that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys this particular genre and I would like to thank and the publisher, Dark Ride Publishing, for providing me with a copy in return for a review.

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